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Comprehensive Guide to Zygoma Implants for Advanced Dental Solutions


At Sri Sai dental Clinic, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore, we take pride in offering advanced dental solutions to our patients, ensuring their oral health and well-being. One of the remarkable treatments we provide is Zygoma Implants, a revolutionary procedure for individuals with severe bone loss in the upper jaw. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the details of Zygoma Implants, its benefits, the procedure, and the exceptional results it can deliver.

Understanding Zygoma Implants

Zygoma Implants are specially designed dental implants that provide a solution for individuals who have inadequate bone density in their upper jaw. Traditional dental implants require a certain level of bone thickness to ensure successful osseointegration. However, patients who have experienced significant bone loss due to factors such as trauma, periodontal disease, or long-term denture usage often face limitations in receiving conventional implants.

Zygoma Implants offer a unique approach by anchoring to the zygomatic bone, also known as the cheekbone. This method allows for secure implant placement even when the natural bone is insufficient. By utilizing longer implant posts that reach the zygomatic bone, we can provide a stable foundation for the dental prosthesis, restoring the patient’s ability to chew, speak, and smile with confidence.

The Benefits of Zygoma Implants

1. Immediate Results

With Zygoma Implants, patients can experience immediate results and a significant improvement in their quality of life. Unlike traditional implant procedures that may require months of healing time, Zygoma Implants enable patients to leave our clinic with a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing set of teeth in just one visit.

2. Minimally Invasive Procedure

The Zygoma Implant procedure is minimally invasive compared to alternative treatment options. By avoiding complex bone grafting procedures, patients can undergo the implant placement process without extended recovery periods. This approach not only saves time but also reduces discomfort and post-operative complications.

3. Restored Facial Structure and Aesthetics

Severe bone loss in the upper jaw can lead to a sunken facial appearance, causing premature aging and diminished self-confidence. Zygoma Implants address this issue by restoring the natural facial structure and supporting the lips and cheeks. The result is a rejuvenated facial appearance, helping patients regain their youthful look and overall well-being.

Nobel Biocare Zygoma implant fixed tooth replacement

The Zygoma Implant Procedure

The Zygoma Implant procedure is a meticulous process that requires the expertise of a skilled oral surgeon or periodontist. Here, we outline the general steps involved in the procedure:

1. Comprehensive Examination and Treatment Planning

Before proceeding with the Zygoma Implant surgery, our team will conduct a thorough examination, including a detailed assessment of your oral health and bone structure. This step allows us to create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

2. Preparatory Phase

In some cases, preliminary treatments may be required to optimize the implant placement. These treatments may include tooth extractions, sinus lift procedures, or bone grafting to enhance the stability and success of the Zygoma Implants.

3. Implant Placement

During the surgery, our oral surgeon will make a small incision in the gum tissue to expose the underlying bone. Using advanced techniques and guided by state-of-the-art imaging technology, the zygomatic implant posts will be carefully inserted into the cheekbone. The number of implants required depends on individual circumstances.

4. Temporary Prosthesis

Following the implant placement, a temporary dental prosthesis will be attached, providing immediate functionality and aesthetics. This temporary prosthesis allows patients to enjoy the benefits of their new teeth while the implants integrate with the bone.

5. Final Prosthesis

Once the healing process is complete, which usually takes several months, the temporary prosthesis will be replaced with a permanent, custom-made dental prosthesis. This prosthesis is meticulously designed to blend seamlessly with the natural teeth, ensuring a beautiful and natural-looking smile.

Benefits of zygomatic implants

High primary stability for Immediate Function

Nobel Biocare’s zygomatic implants are designed to support restorative procedures that also allow for immediate loading.2 This allows eligible patients with severe bone loss to have a fixed provisional prosthesis fitted immediately after surgery, avoiding the average nine-month wait and multiple surgeries required with grafting.*

According to Dr. Edmond Bedrossian the provisional prosthesis “has benefits for both the patient and clinician. The lack of compression of the post-operative soft tissue is more comfortable for the patient, as the prosthesis is supported by the implants and not by the soft tissue of the surgical site. Patients also benefit from improved self-esteem as the immediately loaded prosthesis does not move, allowing for more confident speech and enhanced appreciation of foods due to lack of palatal coverage

For the clinician, the immediately loaded prosthesis provides practical feedback as to the ‘quality’ of the osseointegration at Stage II. If the implants are immobile at Stage II, then the clinician can confidently complete the final prosthesis.

Patients should always receive appropriate and comprehensive aftercare instructions for their immediately loaded prosthesis in order to help ensure the success of the treatment plan.”

Other benefits of Immediate Function with zygomatic implants include fewer clinical visits and a less invasive intervention compared to grafting procedures. A study has also shown that soft tissue clinical outcomes, in terms of plaque index, bleeding index and probing pocket depths, for zygomatic implants seem similar to those for conventional dental implants.3

Multi-unit Abutments (Four abutments with demonstrated angulations)

Multi-unit Abutments (Four abutments with demonstrated angulations)

Pilot drill surgical template for NobelZygoma. (Courtesy Dr. Brent P. Allan, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Perth, Australia)

Pilot drill surgical template for NobelZygoma. (Courtesy Dr. Brent P. Allan, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Perth, Australia)

Surgical flexibility

Building on 25 years of success with Nobel Biocare’s zygomatic implants, the new NobelZygoma 0̊ and NobelZygoma 45̊ implants are also designed to anchor in zygomatic bone and provide an excellent option for treating maxillary resorption. They have an unthreaded implant body designed to interface with soft tissue, and depending on the anatomical situation parts of the implant body can be located outside of the maxillary sinus. For the extra-maxillary placement, the coronal part of the implant should still have bone support.

The straight implant head and mount-free insertion of the NobelZygoma 0̊ implant allow for greater flexibility during implant placement. The NobelZygoma 45̊ implant comes in an extended range of implant lengths, from 30 mm to 52.5 mm, all with an external hex connection.


At Sri Sai dental Clinic, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore, we are committed to providing the highest quality dental care and advanced solutions such as Zygoma Implants. This comprehensive guide has highlighted the benefits, procedure, and remarkable results associated with Zygoma Implants. If you are experiencing severe bone loss in your upper jaw or have been deemed unsuitable for traditional dental implants, Zygoma Implants may be the ideal solution for you.

Regain your oral function, aesthetics, and confidence with Zygoma Implants at [Our Dental Clinic]. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and embark on your journey towards a brighter, healthier smile.

Sri Sai dental Clinic, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore is committed to providing the best possible dental care and advanced solutions. If you’re interested in Zygoma Implants, we are here to help. Schedule a consultation today and take the first step towards restoring your smile and oral health.

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