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Root Canal Treatment

Once upon a time, if you had a tooth with a diseased nerve, you’d probably lose that tooth. Today, in Sri Sai Dental Clinic near hopes, Peelamedu, Coimbatore, with a special dental procedure called a root canal therapy or Root Canal Treatment you may save your decay tooth. The pulp which provides nutrients and nerves to the tooth  runs like a thread down through the root. 

The pulp will get damaged or injured due to tooth decay வேர் சிகிச்சை , trauma and other reasons. When the pulp is diseased or injured, the pulp tissue dies. If you don’t remove it, your tooth gets infected and you could lose it. Here at Sri Sai Dental Clinic near Hopes, Peelamedu, Coimbatore we  remove the damaged pulp, the root canal is cleaned and sealed off to protect it. Then we place a crown over the tooth to help make it stronger.

At Sri Sai Dental Clinic near hopes, Peelamedu, Coimbatore, Most of the time, a root canal is a relatively simple procedure with little or no discomfort involving one to three visits. Best of all, it can save your tooth and your smile!

What happens if the pulp gets injured?

Dental pulp contains the tiny nerves that supply your tooth. An infected or an abscessed tooth invariably causes an infected pulp. When the pulp is diseased or injured and can’t repair itself, it dies. The most common cause of pulp death is a cracked tooth or a deep cavity ( பல் சொத்தை ). Both of these problems can let germs (bacteria) enter the pulp. Germs can cause an infection inside the tooth. Left without treatment, pus builds up at the root tip, in the jawbone, forming a “pus-pocket” called an abscess சீழ் வருத்தல். An abscess can cause damage to the bone around the teeth. Here at Sri Sai Dental Clinic in  Coimbatore we diagnosis this Problem at an early stage and provide adequate treatment without pain.

Why does the pulp need to be removed?

Here at Sri Sai Dental Clinic near Nehru nagar, Coimbatore, we remove  infected pulp which might cause pain and swelling. Certain products of the infection can injure your jaw bones. Without treatment, your tooth may have to be removed.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

What does treatment involve?

Best Root Canal Treatment RCT (வேர் சிகிச்சை) at Sri Sai Dental Clinic near Sitra, Peelamedu, Coimbatore often involves one to three visits. During treatment, our best dentist removes the diseased pulp. The pulp chamber and root canal (s) of the tooth are then cleaned and sealed.

Here’s how your tooth is saved through Root Canal Treatment at our Dental Clinic In Coimbatore:

  • First visit at our dental clinic an opening is made through the crown of the Decayed tooth ( பல் சொத்தை ) by a specialty dental doctor. 

  • An opening is made through the crown of the tooth into the pulp chamber for painless RCT ( வேர் சிகிச்சை 

  • The Infected pulp is then removed. The root canal(s) is cleaned and shaped to a form that can be filled.

  • The pulp is removed, and the root canals are cleaned, enlarged and shaped.

  • Best dentist from our dental clinic in Coimbatore will put medications in the pulp chamber and root canal(s) to help get rid of germs and prevent infection.

  • Temporary filling will be placed in the crown opening to protect the tooth between dental visits. Your dentist may leave the tooth open for a few days to drain. You might also be given medicine to help control infection that may have spread beyond the tooth.

  •  The pulp chamber and root canals are filled and sealed.

  • The temporary filling is removed and the pulp chamber and root canal(s) are cleaned and filled.

  • In the final step Sri Sai Dental Clinic near Goldwins, kalapatti , Coimbatore is that  a crown is usually placed over the tooth

How long will the restored tooth last?

Your Tooth restored ( வேர் சிகிச்சை ) At Sri Sai Dental Clinic, Coimbatore could last a lifetime, if you continue to care for your teeth and gums. However, regular checkups at our best dental clinic with our dental doctors are necessary. As long as the root(s) of a treated tooth are nourished by the tissues around it, your tooth will remain healthy.

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