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Dentist Dr Suganya

Dr. R. Suganya B.D.S.,


Facial Aesthetics

Medical Facial, PRP Treatment, Skin Brightening, Mesotherapy, Botox, Scar Reduction Treatment, Threads, Facial Reshaping, Lip Contouring and Hair Loss Reduction Treatment. 

Root Canal Treatment

Advanced Root canal Treatment using Nickel Titanium Rotary instruments. 3 D obturation using flowable GP and warm vertical Condensation

Dental Surgery

Wisdom tooth surgery, Surgical Impaction, Sinus Life Surgery, Implant surgery, Periapical surgery, Flap Surgery, smile Corrections gum srugery. 

Smile Make over

All Caramic Crowns, Braces, Clips, Aligners, Smile Make over, Tooth whitening, gum correction, Tooth bleaching, 


Achievements, Awards, Trainings

Hair and Skin PRP

Skin Brightening

Hair Fall COntrol

Cosmetic Dentistry

Facial aesthetics

Dr. Suganya completed her Bachelor of dental surgery from the Prestigious Dr. MGR. Medical University in the year 2001. She got trained in advance root canal treatments and began to work in her own clinic. She enjoys the challenge of working with complex tooth problems, gingival aesthetics, child dental care. Dr. Suganya treats each patients as separate individual and determines treatment plan for them, based upon their existing condition and their maintenance levels. Not only treats the patients with good care, she also educates the patient to help them protect the restored or treated properly. Which would avoid problems in the future. She has a keen interests in treating kids to help them learn how to maintain good oral health. Which is the key for preventing all dental problems

Later she completed here certificate course on facial aesthetics. Treats patients who want skin brightening, scar reduction, facial PRP, Hair PRP, Hair growth treatment and many more.


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