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Aligners - A cosmetically pleasing and invisible orthodontic solution

Aligners are outstandingly exceptional in many aspects compared to those of their counterparts. Clear Aligners are the most advanced and latest treatment modality for treating tooth malposition, spacing between teeth. They are also used to correct front placed teeth.  For optimum precision, clear aligners are fabricated using 3 shape scanners, along with 3D shape ortho analyzer and 3D model printing systems which are counted amongst the best, globally, in dentistry. Furthermore,  clear aligners are manufactured with medical grade materials from germany.

What makes clear aligners more distinctively unique!!!

  • A3d printed model will be given along with a set of   clear aligners to see each stage of orthodontic therapy and even the end results.
  • Together with a set of  clear aligners, we provide a kit, containing the wear schedule-instructions for wearing clear aligners,patient manual,cleaning brush, and a box for storing the aligners when they are outside of the mouth.

Clear aligners at Sri Sai Dental Clinic Coimbatore  are completely removable. You can take them out, eat your meals, brush your teeth, and place them back. It is the best orthodontic treatment as it helps ensure the patients oral hygiene and health.

Clear aligners are worn for at least 20 hours a day to attain the desired effectiveness. Each set of   clear aligners is changed every two weeks, which progressively helps move the teeth to the pre-pro-grammed position.

How long should we wear clear Aligners ?

The length of treatment with clear aligners depends upon the severity of the case, the complexity of tooth movement planned, and the number of stages required. Overall,   clear aligners offer a much shorter treatment time when compared to traditional braces and provide optimal and accurate treatment outcomes.

Uses Of clear Aligners 

Clear aligners are used for several types of orthodontic correction like

  • Diastema  closure – Space between Front Teeth
  • Correction of moderate crowding of anterior teeth 
  • Correction of deep bite – Forward placed Upper teeth 
  • Correction of over jet
  • Correction of open bite – when not able to close lips

How are   clear aligners  custom-made?

Every Clear aligner is custom-made using German technology and is supervised by a team of orthodontists, CAD\CAM engineers, and biomechanical experts who continuously monitor the entire production process to improve your path to a beautiful smile. 


Impressions are taken at our Sri Sai Dental Clinic in Coimbatore using intraoral scanners or traditional methods to fabricate your clear aligners. Our well-trained Orthodontist or orthodontic technicians then separate and  move the misaligned teeth digitally into their ideal position and carefully map the progression of each stage of treatment. We then print 3d models for each position and fabricate clear aligners based on those models, allowing us to design an aligner  that first and functions precisely as needed

An important advantage of  this technology is that it helps simulate the treatment outcome. It helps us , the dental lab and the patient to understand better every stage of treatment and even the final outcome prior to initiating the  clear aligner treatment. 

Clear aligners come with clear cut instructions for both the clinician as well as the patient.

Designed, fabricated  and approved by doctors

Clear aligners are designed,fabricated,and approved by our team of Orthodontics / orthodontic specialists, CAD\CAM engineers, and biomechanical experts. We uncompromisingly maintain the highest quality of standards  in our products and each clear aligner is uniquely designed to provide an optimal treatment outcome.

Our tooth Specialist, orthodontic specialists are directly involved in each stage of the treatment, ensuring that both doctors and patients are satisfied with clear aligners and the entire treatment process.

Comfort assured and quality guaranteed

Clear aligners were born out of our desire to provide patients with the best orthodontic Treatment experience possible. We ensure that our treatments live up to the highest standards of care and expectations of patients and doctors. 

What makes clear aligners unique is that you can straighten your teeth without other people ever realizing that you are undergoing orthodontic.

Why   clear aligners ?

Clear aligners are the best alternative to patients who want to  straighten their teeth but do not like to wear traditional metal braces / Clips.  Clear aligners are also beneficial to people who have had previous orthodontic treatment, but want to make minor corrections to further improve their smile.

Comparison between clear aligners and conventional braces

Clear aligner

  • A series of clear, removable translucent splints that fit perfectly over the teeth.
  • Replaced every two weeks to gradually move the teeth into aligned position
  • Virtually invisible and highly aesthetic
  • Can be removed for normal brushing and flossing;hence good oral hygiene could be maintained
  • Patients experience minimal discomfort during treatment
  • Follow-up visits are required once in 4 to 6 months only
  • Entire treatment plan is fully computerized and patient can virtually see the treatment outcomes well before the commencement of treatment
  • Hassle-free speech and smile

Conventional braces

  • Stainless steel brackets and wires will stick out from the teeth
  • Adjusted all through treatment to gradually move the teeth into aligned position
  • Highly visible and not aesthetic 
  • Cannot be removed for normal brushing and flossing; hence good oral hygiene would be difficult
  • Patients experience mouth sores \ ulcers due to irritation from components of the brace\ broken brackets
  • Follow-up visits are required every month
  • Treatment plan is not computerized and patients cannot see the treatment outcomes before the commencement of treatment 
  • Affects the speech and smile

Clear aligner; the brightest solution for straightening your teeth

During treatment, each clear aligner is replaced following the prescribed sequence as the teeth move- little by little, week by week- until they have  straightened to the final position.

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