June 2020

Does your Child Need Dental Braces ?

Identitication of the problems related to a child’s dentition is never an easy task for parents. Most dental problems usually go unnoticed till the child starts complaining of pain or discomfort. But by then, the problem would most probably have become so advanced that it may require elaborate treatment protocols.  In many cases, orthodontic problems are even more difficult to detect, as they normally do not cause any pain or… Read More »Does your Child Need Dental Braces ?

Oral Parafunctional Habits: Things you should know

A parafunctional habit refers to any abnormal behavior or functioning of any part of the body In a way that is not normal. In the mouth, they involve habitual behaviors like Bruxism, Thumb Sucking, or Tongue Thrusting.    Bruxism Bruxism is the grinding of the tooth that occurs as an involuntary, chronic response. It usually occurs while sleeping. It may be caused due to increased stress, anxiety, sleep disorders or… Read More »Oral Parafunctional Habits: Things you should know